• Government Polytechnic for Women, Srinagar will continuously endeavor to offer need-based, flexible and employment-oriented, quality technical education and training programmes to usher in an era of substantial growth, progress and development of women.
  • The training will be imparted through formal and non-formal programmes and courses. This will produce quality women technicians whose competencies will be consistent with the changing requirements of different sectors of the industry, business and the economy.
  • A major thrust will be on entrepreneurial development, preparing the students in skills related to planning, manufacturing, marketing, quality control, maintenance, sales and general office administration procedures.
  • Continuing education programmes will be organized to meet the education and skill development needs of the community. The polytechnic will thus vigorously implement strategies aimed at elevating the style and standard of living of the community while generating revenue for institutional development. This will ultimately lead to autonomy and self-sustenance.