Women Polytechnic Srinagar Celebrated World Dairy Day

Department of Food Technology GPWS organised the webinar on World Dairy Day. During the session a detailed presentation was given by the Syed Suhila Nazir, Lecturer of Food Technology. She elaborated different types of cow milk viz A1 & A2, their nutritional value and ill effects of A1 type of milk over A2 which is largely consumed at present.Beenish Yaseen, Lecturer Food Technology threw light on the heat treatment given to milk to contain the microbial growth of milk.Various students viz, Bazagah, shakira of 6th semester and Sabreena, Ehtisam, Sakeena Nazir of 4th semester participated in the event.Er.Manzoor A Kumar, Principal GPWS gave the concluding remarks and applauded the efforts of students and faculty and encouraged them for such endeavous.