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Attention 2nd Sem Mathematics Students

YouTube Lectures

Lectures on Differential Calculus (Derivatives), Coordinate Geometry, functions, limits and continuity by Prof. Dr. Nasir Shah can be accessed at the following Youtube Links:

Differential Calculus (Derivatives) Lecture 1

Differential Calculus (Derivatives) Lecture 2

Differential Calculus (Derivatives) Lecture 3

Differential Calculus (Derivatives) Lecture 4

Coordinate Geometry Lecture 1

Coordinate Geometry Lecture 2

Coordinate Geometry Lecture 3

Functions, Limits and Continuity Lecture 1
Functions, Limits and Continuity Lecture 2
Functions, Limits and Continuity Lecture 3
Functions, Limits and Continuity Lecture 4
Functions, Limits and Continuity Lecture 5

Google ClassRooms (Govt. Polytechnic for Women Srinagar)

Google Classroom Codes

The class codes for various subjects are shared here to give college students an access to the classrooms on Google Class Room:

DEPTT  SEM  SUBJECT                       Google Code                   NAME OF FACULTY
E&C ENGG 2nd B.E.                                     66jra6m                  Mr Ali Mohd Khan
E&C ENGG 2nd B.E.E.                                 abywdsj                    Mr. John Mohd
E&C ENGG 2nd Physics                               kztqp55                     Mr. Shafqat Beigh
E&C ENGG 2nd Comm. Skills-II             wxzs6uw                     Ms. Fozia
E&C ENGG 4th N.F.T.L                               hsvokyk                      Mr. Ab Qayoom Bhat.
E&C ENGG 4th Communication-I             qasdpax                   Mr. Gulzar Ahmad Dar.
E&C ENGG 4th Electrical Machines         52xi27q               Mr. John Mohd
E&C ENGG 4th Power Electronics             tjkb7iq               Ms. Sameera Khan.
E&C ENGG 4th Microprocessor 8085      2mo2nc           Mr. John Mohd Rather.
E&C ENGG 4th G.S.E.D                              sb55bu7              Ms. Sameera Khan
E&C ENGG 6th Optical Fibre Comm       edawwqm           Mr. Ab Qayoom Bhat.
E&C ENGG 6th Mwave & Radar Engg.    4ju4obc           Mr. John Mohd Rather.
E&C ENGG 6th W/s & Mobile Comm.      cygjsuy           Mr. Gulzar Ahmad Dar.
E&C ENGG 6th Major Project                    7s5lcsj             Mr. John Mohd Rather.
E&C ENGG 6th B.O.M                                m4y7pmj            Mr. Ali Mohd Khan/ Mr. Junaid Gilani

DEPTT SEM SUBJECT                          Google Code         NAME OF FACULTY
OMCA 2nd Stenography                          eewgp73                    Ms. Shabeena
OMCA 2nd Business Correspondence                   K34hd3e                   Ms. Masarat
OMCA 2nd Office Management              tdzhu7b                 Ms. Suriya Sadiq
OMCA 2nd Principles of Mngmnt            cf76wkO                 Ms. Suriya Sadiq
OMCA 2nd English and Comm Skills       wxzs6uw               Ms. Fozia
OMCA 2nd IT Tools                                     jLkhzax                 Ms. Mussavir Jan
OMCA 4th Stenography                             kfanc4q                   Ms. Suriya Rizvi
OMCA 4th Book Keeping                           xiqy3d7                   Ms. Suriya Rizvi
OMCA 4th Entrepreneurship                   bmrgrz                     Ms. Razia Majeed
OMCA 4th Comp Based Accountancy      ictiomp                  Mr. Sameer
OMCA 4th English and Comm Skills        qrh5tb7                 Ms. Fozia
OMCA 4th Web Designing                         N3uykfq                 Ms. Mussavir Jan

DEPTT SEM SUBJECT                        Google Code         NAME OF FACULTY
M.L.T. 2nd Anat and Physiology             nonkwz5                  Junaid Rashid Wani
M.L.T. 2nd Hematology                            atyj5sr                      Imtiyaz Sofi

M.L.T. 2nd Eng & Comm. Skills-II                          wxzs6uw                       Fouzia Rafiq

M.L.T. 2nd Microbiology                          pflzs77                      Javid Bhat
M.L.T. 2nd Organic Chemistry                t4lo2my                   Shafiya Amin
M.L.T. 2nd Biochemistry                           fepm5ei                  Rayees Ahmad Bhat
M.L.T. 4th Histopath & Cytology             aey6fdz                   Junaid Rashid Wani
M.L.T. 4th Lab management                    vssg4is                     Imtiyaz sofi
M.L.T. 4th Microbiology                            jpbplck                    Javid Ahmad Bhat
M.L.T. 4th Haematology                            f62gzb5                   Javid Ahmad Bhat
M.L.T. 4th biochemistry                            xpylfsm                    Rayees Ahmad Bhat

DEPTT SEM SUBJECT                       Google Code             NAME OF FACULTY
CSE 2nd English& Comm Skills              wxzs6uw                                 Foziya Rafiq
CSE 2nd Applied Physics                           kztqp55                                 Shafqat Beigh
CSE 2nd Basic Elect. Engg                         abywdsj                                John Mohmad
CSE 2nd Basic Electronics                         66jra6m                          Ali Mohamad Khan
CSE 2nd DTP                                                 2dixj2j                              Abid Nazeer Wani
CSE 4th Generic Skills                                h3c4hf6                                 Uzma Yasin
CSE 4th Data Structure                             4g4hwny                             Nowsheen Majid
CSE 4th C++                                                ku5jnny                              Shabeer Ahmed
CSE 4th Soft. Engg                                     imzf3u2                                Mahina Naqati
CSE 4th Microprocessor                           5gpnavj                                     Irfan Sofi
CSE 4th Computer Networks                  5ivmctt                                 Suhail Hussain
CSE 6th VB.NET                                        ehn6r7q                              Abid Nazeer Wani
CSE 6th A.I.                                                 pjy2vxl                                     Uzma Yasin
CSE 6th Basics of Mngmt.                        er52hex                                  Mariya Quraishi
CSE 6th IMTCN                                         6n5q5fz                                 Shahnaz Qadir

DEPTT SEM SUBJECT                        Google Code                       NAME OF FACULTY
F.T. 6th Food Packaging Tech                           ukdjrzy                        Ms. Ifrah Khursheed
F.T. 6th FA & QC                                                  zrtyet3                         Ms. Nusrat Ajaz
F.T. 6th W.M. in Food Industry                      ue2bdnd                       Ms. Tasleema Qadir
F.T. 6th Basics of Mngmnt                                46wfnl5                       Ms. Ifrah Khursheed
F.T. 6th Project Work                                          hbom7nm                   Ms. Beenish Yasin
F.T. 4th Tech of Milk and M Prdts                    ncuyiq6                      Ms. Syed Suhaila
F.T. 4th Fruit and Veg Tech                                dlr2zoo                        Ms. Beenish Yasin
F.T. 4th M.F and Poultry Prdts                         wwucbpl                      Ms. Tasleema Qadir
F.T. 4th Food Ferm Tech                                    sk4vwt3                       Ms. Nusrat Ajaz
F.T. 4th Principles of Food Engg                       p77pb6m                    Ms. Gousia Ashraf
F.T. 4th Bakery and Conf Tech                           s6q6an4                     Ms. Syed Suhaila

F.T. Basic Microbiology                     t7gia6l         Gousia Ashraf

Note: To access these lessons/notes/tutorials, please follow the following steps:

1. Open any Internet Browser, like Chrome etc on your phone/computer/laptop.
2. Go to Google Class Room. Or Click here Sign in, if asked, using your gmail username and password.
4. Once signed in, click on JOIN CLASS.
5. It will ask for the class/subject code, type the relevant code from the popped-up list.