The main aim is to enhance the empowerment of women in the state through technical education. The polytechnic will initiate and implement the following strategies to achieve its mission.

  • Offering need-based, high quality, flexible and relevant technician education programmes.
  • Ensuring Quality in all the “processes products “.
  • Enhancing IRG related activities for sustainability development.
  • Providing continuing education programmes to meet the fast changing skill development needs.
  • Providing need-based training and development opportunities for staff.
  • Improving instructional effectiveness by using a variety of instructional methods and aids.
  • Establishing an effective information management system (IMS) in the polytechnic and networking with national and international organisations for effective decision making and resources sharing.
  • Providing services to the community and the society through non-formal skill training and education to the underprivileged and challenged women in society.
  • Enhancing institutional facilities and modernising laboratories and workshops regularly.
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills in the students , facilitating job placement and offering “value addition “ trainings to enhance their placement opportunities.
  • Attaining academic, administrative, managerial and financial autonomy.