The College canteen is one of the biggest and liveliest places of our College! There are enough tables and chairs for all the students of our school to sit and enjoy their time there. We go there during breaktime or lunchtime, meet our friends and have fun, while eating. In case someone wants to bring his/her own homemade food or snack there is a fridge that you can use to store it and two ovens that you can use to reheat it. There are fresh fruit and bottles of water on the tables that students can eat and drink. Furthermore, there is a dish-washer and some bins. We should all help to keep the canteen clean; therefore when we finish our meal, we should throw the rubbish in the bin and put the dishes in the dish-washer. There are three different meals for us to choose every day. What is really nice is that there is always a special meal for vegetarians. In case someone is on diet, there is a special meal prepared for him/her, as well!